Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Night: ...then Nothing BUT This Matters Tonight

Happy New Year!

Our ministry of Sidewalk Outreach kicked off the 2017 year with another outreach in the streets of downtown OKC. We were able to join up with our group from a sister church and serve the needy, less fortunate, and homeless with blankets, warm cup of soup, drinks, clothes, underwear, and toiletries that any would need.

Last night we had a group of about ten from our church join us in serving. I'm thankful for them. I'm thankful because of two reasons:

1. This is coming off of a New Years Eve weekend. This is big because many people are so caught up in the hussel and bussel of the holidays so things like this don't make the cut when it comes to priorities. So when a large group comes, it's pretty great.
2. Most of the folks that do come are youth. Yeah, that's right. Teenagers. These students were ending out their Christmas break by going with us into the streets to serve others. I give high props to them for that. It takes dedication to give up your time, which is not much anyway, and to give it to the church, and others.

My guys in FBC Youth are great with great hearts for people. They love to serve others and they have a passion to meet the needs of others.

Thanks to Katie and Marty for leading us. Thanks to our students that attended.

Your service to your community doesn't go unnoticed.

Til the Nets are Full,