Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to Witness to Four Different Types of People

This is from my personal favorite Bible teacher Ray Comfort. Listen to this short clip and he will teach you how to witness to 4 different types of people. In his characteristic humor, Ray will make the case that you don't need to memorize facts about each cult or religion, but Biblically use the Law of God to bring about conviction of sin. I HIGHLY recommend listening to this audio! This clip is from the excellent sermon "True and False Conversion."

You can listen and download this and Hell's Best Kept Secret at

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wretched Radio on Homeschooling

This is hour 1 from Wretched Radio from Tuesday May 25, 2010. I have not had time to edit it down to the clip I want so I am just posting the whole show. The clip that is good to hear is the first segment on homeschooling. If you're a homeschooling mommma, you keep it up and good job! I, as being a product of homeschool myself for two years, I encourage you to keep it up. Despite what people say from the "Outside world" type mindset. God is blessed regardless. Anyway, take a listen.

The first part is the pre-show show and that lasts about 4 minutes. Then the real show starts and its the first segment and its only about 7 minutes long.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Were You There? ( The song I've been looking for!!!)

Back when I was a kid, I attended the Crossroads Cathedral Easter pageants every year in south Oklahoma City(Thanks to my friend Sam Madewell). I did not attend the church, just the yearly pageants at Easter time. Up until last year, I've gone every year since 1990 or 91. Back in 1992, the pageant for that year was entitled "Were You There?". During the pageant, after the crucifixion scene and before the resurrection scene, all the lights went out and this song was played.

Now, imagine with me, you're in a MASSIVE sanctuary, 5,000 people in there with you, it's complete darkness, and this song begins to play. I'm telling you it brings me chills after just seeing the portrayal of Jesus Christ being crucified on a Roman cross for MY sins and Gods redemptive plan for all humanity being played out. Ever since then, I've always looked for and wondered who sings it, and where is that song. I kid you not, since that day, I have searched. The song is so moving and powerful in its own light. I encourage you, if you have a Bible near, read Luke 22:1 through Luke 24:35. If you can, and if you have to, continually play this song. It'll bless you as it does me. The song, which I came to find out, is by Russ Taff.

On May 18, 2010, I was listening to some musical compilations, preaching and music together, on a particular website and literally, stumbled upon this song. I was so relieved in words that can't describe and yet so excited to finally hear it again.

So take a listen and keep in mind that Luke's Gospel shows us how Jesus was the perfect man given as a perfect sacrifice for the sin of all man kind. Christ Himself is the ideal human and the perfect model that we're commanded to follow. I read this account in Luke and I stand n awe of his character, which met humanity's highest ideas as well as Gods demand for an atonement for sin. He is Jesus Christ, our model and our Savior for those that repent of their sins, turn from them, and place there faith and trust in Christ alone to save them from not only their sins, but the wrath of God which is soon to follow BECAUSE of their sins.

My friend Shane Dodson of Norman, sums it up so well on his Facebook profile information. It reads:

"I used to trust in having my name on a church membership roll to get me to Heaven...but then I realized that I had broken God's laws.
My lies made me a liar.
My stealing made me a thief.
My lust made me an adulterer.
My hatred made me a murderer.

How could a lying, thieving, adulterous, murderer at heart enter Heaven? There had to be payment for that sin debt.

I learned that 2000 years ago, God came to this earth in the form of a man--Jesus Christ--to SUFFER and DIE a sinner's death...the wrath of Almighty God was POURED out onto Christ...and His horrific death SATISFIED God's wrath against my sins. My response to this was to REPENT of my sins (that turn AWAY from sinning and turn TOWARD Jesus Christ) and to TRUST in Jesus Christ...just as one trusts in a parachute.

You put a parachute on with ABSOLUTE TRUST that it will save your life when the law of gravity kicks in.
The Scriptures say I am to "put ON the Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 13:14)...I am to ABSOLUTELY TRUST in Jesus Christ FULLY and COMPLETELY.

He is my JOY.
He is my PORTION.
He is my SAVIOR.
He is my KING.

Is He those things to YOU? The Scriptures warn that is "appointed for man to die once and after that comes judgment" (Hebrews 9:27). How will YOU be judged?

Will you be judged by your own lying, stealing, adulterous, murderous heart????
Or will you be judged according to the righteousness of Christ?

Have YOU repented of your sins and trusted in Jesus Christ TOTALLY and COMPLETELY and JOYFULLY?

If not...I plead with you to do so today!
Nobody is promised tomorrow (James 4:14).
Before your head hits your pillow tonight...STRIVE to know EXACTLY where you stand before your Creator.

Jesus will either be your SAVIOR...or your JUDGE (1 Peter 4:5)."

Could I even come close to making it any clearer than that? Oh His grace is so amazing.

Take a listen....................

Below is from March of 2008. This is Todd Friel, host of at the time, Way of The Master Radio, and is now called Wretched Radio. This is from the "Holy Week" and listen to him as he gives the details about why Christ had to die, and why the Cross is so important.

I've split it up over 4 differnt parts and each is about 15 minutes long.

Please listen and be blessed by it.

This is part 1:

This is part 2:

This is part 3:

This is part 4:

It's about the Cross and it's about our sin and it's all about Jesus Christ and God being glorified. 

Please, if you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please, think about your sin, you're lying, stealing, blaspheming God, adultery, hatred, not putting God first in your life. Those things are pronouncing your guilt before God. God must send you straight to hell because He is Good, Holy, and Just. He must punish sin. 

I plead with you to repent and believe the Gospel. (Mark 1:15) Forgiveness is available. Only Christ can save you. No one else. 

Thank you for your time,

Chris Salter

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven

What is it? Listen.

If you know me, you know my great friendship and passion for what God is doing in the ministry of Mark Cahill. This is his trade mark teaching and has a book by the same name. I encourage you, take a listen.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Night for an Outreach

"Yeah!! A chance to go and preach the Gospel!"
     Those were my exact thoughts when I found out that it was "G" night at Graceway for those that want to come forward and get together and go have an opportunity to go and share the Gospel with someone that that the chance to be apart of our Upward Basketball program last year. I arrived at Graceway looking forward to the sweet time of fellowship with like minded loved ones to share with. I was privileged to go and make a visit with Chase and Christian, two of our finest youths that love Jesus, and desire to be a witness. We went to a ladies house and the visit was a very quick, 30 second, follow up and dropping off a gift and some information on the church. She was on the phone already so we couldn't take to much of her time.

     After doing so, we were able to head over to Buck Thomas Park in Moore which was already across the street and had many more oppurtunities to share the Good News. we were joined up by Shane D. of Norman and of Graceway and was blessed by that. I choose to go to this park a couple times of week for two reasons. 1. Its a HUGE park 2. It's has many ball fields 3. Because of the skate park, basketaball courts, and many ball fields and picnic ground, there are lots of chances to share.

      Upon getting there, I walked to the skate park and immediately struck up a conversation with John, Michael, Jacob, Ceagen, and a couple others that I didn't the names of. The conversation last about 8-12 minutes and the full law and our guilt before it and the was able to describe the beauty, and the necessity of the Cross and the wonderful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I even had five bucks on the line if they could prove to me there were a good person. Obviously, I can not judge them so we were forced to use God's standard as there measuring stick. Expectedly, they failed. The bad news they got at that point is what made the Good News so good! It only made sense to share with them that despite there failures, mistakes, and mishaps with friends, family and parents, that forgiveness is still available to those who place their faith in Christ as payment for those sins that they and I commit every single day.I left them with their heads kinds spinnin' and thinking and with some Trillion Dollar Bills from with a 165 word Gospel presentation on the back.

     After leaving them, we walked through the parking lots and ball park entrances to casually give out some more tracts to those coming and going. Towards the end of the walk, our friend Shane engaged a couple basketball players for about 12-15 minutes and even more Gospel seed was spread.

     All in all, it was agreat night and lots of tracts were given out and the Gospel was given "Which is the Power of God unto salvation." (Rom. 1:16)

      I am thankful that I had others with me tonight but even more thankful that the great commission is being carried out by teens from our church and that God was glorified in all that was done tonight. Thanks be to our God.

      I encourage you, that if you're not engaging you culture with the Gospel of Christ, then go. No reason to wait. 150,000 people die across this world every day. Where are they going next? Where will YOU go when YOU die?

God bless and bless God,

Chris Salter

I'm also pretty excited about the new Gospel ringtone that Living Waters put out today. I encourage you to go download it and use it. Its a GREAT conversation starter. You can find it at Living Waters site.

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